Erie Water Treatment – components and complete systems for water treatment

A Legacy of Innovation, Trust and Support

Erie Manufacturing Company was founded in January of 1943. Although the first products were emergency oxygen systems for military aircraft, Erie soon became a pioneer and innovator in ‘devices to control flows’, for application in oxygen, HVAC and water treatment systems.

In 1947, Erie was the very first manufacturer ever worldwide, to develop and manufacture an automatic regeneration control valve for ion exchange water softeners! Erie remains one of the global leaders in this segment of the water treatment industry…

Today, Aquion not only continues to manufacture and market Erie control valves and other key components under the name Erie Water Treatment. In 2004, the strategic decision was taken to broaden the product line to include complete water treatment systems. With manufacturing, sales and service operations in the United States (Elk Grove Village, IL) and Europe (Olen, Belgium), Erie Water Treatment provides components and complete systems for independent water treatment dealers, plumbing wholesalers and service plumbing contractors around the world.

Erie Water Treatment Controls
Erie Water Treatment Controls